10th September 2020 - Canon 5D II Magic Lantern Raw, Sigma 180mm f/5.6 APO Macro AF, Edited in Davinci Resolve

Shot in March, this video endeavoured to take an abstract piece by da. from their album "Was du willst" and interpret it as a visual narrative. The arpeggiated melody lent itself well to the subject of undulating water, but it was only after revisiting the project that I realised the water was not just incidental, but that its flow could be the subject of the video itself.

The material was filmed looking out from the Würzburg Alte Mainbrücke, following the journey of the Main river over the wier under the bridge. The choice of the 180mm telephoto lens was vital, in combination with a high shutter speed, to acquainting the viewer intimately with the detailed motion of the water flow. The raw recording functionality of the 5D II with Magic Lantern produced footage free of compression artifacting, which would have otherwise tarnished the result.

Editing was accomplished using Davinci Resolve, which handles raw footage enthusiastically, in comparison to the 1.5 frames per second Adobe After Effects can manage (Boo!) Mixing down to a black and white look resolved the issue of fitting different clips together. A final but vital touch was inserting flowing transitions between the clips, to make the video seem like one uninterrupted journey.